2016 year in review

November—JMS gives a Soft Matter Center Seminar at NYU and speaks at FisherFest at Stanford University in honor of her PhD advisor, Daniel S. Fisher.

October—JMS gives a condensed matter seminar at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

October—JMS heads to the Canadian Rockies to take part in a workshop at the Banff Research Station entitled, “Modeling and Quantifying Cell Function: 25 Years of Cell Mechanobiology”.

July—Post-doc Tyler Engstrom joins the group. Tyler earned his PhD in physics from Penn State under the direction of Professor Vin Crespi.

June—JMS is a co-PI on a PLoS NSF grant on the physics of cancer with Lisa Manning as the PI and Cristina Marchetti as co-PI.

June—Smactive 2016, an ICAM workshop, takes place at Syracuse University with JMS as one of the organizers. JMS was the PI on grants from ICAM and NSF to help fund this workshop.

April—JMS is quoted in an APS News Article entitled, “Physicists, the brain is calling you”.

March—JMS heads to Rice University to give a Center for Theoretical Biological Physics Seminar.

March—Our PRL article on shape-shifting droplet networks has a synopsis written about it on the physics.aps.org website.

March—JMS heads to Scotland to give talks at the University of Dundee and the University of Aberdeen.

March—JMS heads to the APS March Meeting in Baltimore, MD to give an invited talk in the session Brain mechanics and morphology: From cortex folding to neuronal growth to compression stiffening.

January—“Rigid cluster decomposition reveals criticality in frictional jamming” makes the cover article of PRL.

January—JMS is co-organizer of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at Syracuse University, along with Lisa Manning. The snow held off and even the local news came for interviews.

January—Second-year graduate student Kuang Liu joins the group.