JMS notes from 2017

December—JMS heads to Boston to give a talks at Harvard and Northeastern.

December—Graduate researcher Preeti Sahu passes her research oral exam.

November—Graduate researcher Kuang Liu passes his research oral exam.

November—JMS goes to NCState to give a seminar on the shape of the developing brain and chat with Professor Karen Daniels and her group. Professor Daniels is a leading experimentalist in granular materials (from a physics perspective).

October—JMS goes to Leipzig, Germany to present at the Annual Physics of Cancer Symposium, the brainchild of Josef Kaes, a world leader in the field of physics of cancer.

October—JMS travels to Gainesville, FL to give a talk at the Soft Matter Symposium, the brainchild of Tommy Angelini and Greg Sawyer.

August—JMS and Dr. Engstrom head to the Gordon Conference on Soft Matter in New Hampshire. JMS is a discussion leader, along with others such as Andreas Bausch, David Weitz, Daan Frankel, Sindy Tang, Cristina Marchetti, and Michael Brenner.

May—Graduate researcher Jikai Wang passes his research oral exam.

January—Graduate researcher Mahesh Gandikota joins the group.