Updates from 2015

October—JMS gives a Condensed Matter Seminar at the University of Rochester.

August—The JMS Theory Group is awarded $315,000 over the next three years from the Division of Materials Research of the National Science Foundation to study the onset of rigidity in living and nonliving systems.

August—Graduate researcher Tao Zhang successfully defended his thesis entitled, “Mechanics, shape, and programmability in soft matter systems: From fluid membranes to spring and droplet networks”. Tao will soon take up his new post-doctoral position with the Anna Balazs Group at the University of Pittsburgh.

August—JMS spoke at the International Materials Research Congress in Cancun, MX on jamming graphs and on rigid cluster decomposition in frictional systems.

April—Graduate researcher David Mayett receives an Honorable Mention for his Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship application.

March—JMS heads to Europe to give talks at AMOLF, the University of Leiden, and ParisTech.

March—Graduate researcher David Mayett has been accepted to the 2015 Boulder Summer School.

March—JMS, Tao Zhang, and David Mayett all speak at the APS March Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

February—JMS heads to UCLA to give a Center for Biological Physics seminar about endocytosis and cerebral cortex folding as well as visit several other UC campuses.

February—JMS heads to the Center for Theoretical Physics in Aspen, Colorado to speak about jamming graphs and anisotropic rigidity percolation at the Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics VI conference.

January—Former graduate researcher Jorge Lopez begins his new professor in physics position at the University of Ibague located in Ibague, Columbia.